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Father Sananda is a World Teacher of the Universal Truths of Liberation. He has fully dedicated his life to the service of Source in order to bring through the complete Ascended teachings of the Masculine/Feminine Alchemy within. Sananda has embodied on this planet to unify with his Wife Lady Shekinah in unison with the Law of One.

Sananda is dedicated to share and teach the pathway of Liberation to the sincere hearts of all who are genuinely devoted to one’s own spiritual sovereignty and enlightenment. With an open heart and arms, he holds great love, honour, respect and support to ALL who are willing to receive the blessings and grace of God.

Through ancient yogic initiations, Sananda’s physical vessel was prepared for genetic Liberation at the age of 23, by receiving many successions of Kundalini Activations. These powerful Kundalini experiences ignited the internal alchemic fires of his body that propelled him into extensive states of Samadhi, the boundless state of consciousness that transcends all karmic limitations, it allows pure awareness to return to complete nothingness and merge into Divine Oneness of Supreme Bliss.

In addition, Sananda has created and produced Sacred Codes entailing multidimensional geometries. These Sacred Codes have been brought forth by ‘innperiences’ within deep, blissful states of meditation, to unify the higher frequencies of the universe into art. He respectfully attempts to describe the indescribable, interpret the uninterpretable and express the inexpressible mystery of the cosmos throughout every piece. These Sacred pieces are known as the Art of the Divine.

In support of IODP’s shared universal mission and purpose, Sananda additionally offers extrasensory perceptions to reveal, reorder and recode morphogenetic fields, while nonlocal transformation, empowerment and spontaneous illumination can occur to collective audiences.

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Lady Nada Shekinah is a World Teacher and Wisdom Keeper for the Innerversity of Divine Perfection that brings forth the abilities of healing and the ancient sacred teachings of Divine Liberation. Lady Shekinah is here to honour, cherish, heal, illume and support the hearts of ALL who are ready to receive her enveloping arms.

Around Shekinah´s luminous presence numerous spontaneous healings have been reported through her service travels around the world and the many are able to feel her amazing Divine Love. She often appears in dream space to those who wish to connect with her. She shows up often wearing white or aqua working on the field and healing, teaching each beloved in their dreamscapes or in meditation.

Divine Mother Shekinah only recognises “wholeness” and sees through the eyes of Source: that IS what you become. Being in her presence has been described as a feeling of “coming home”.

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The Architect Christof is a Wisdom Keeper for the Innerversity of Divine Perfection, and serves our beloved planet’s ascension by evolving our species consciousness into the next root race; the Homo Divinus.

Through many years of purification and refinement, the consciousness now streaming through Christof’s physical vessel holds the High Priest coding of the Higher Councils. He has been initiated into the Higher Priesthood Orders through years of dedicated planetary service and passing the high spiritual initiation portals that have been placed in his path. His consciousness now holds the architecting plans for the unfolding of the Golden Aeon, and his mission is to align all beings to their Soul Purpose and calibrate them to be in full devotional alignment to their piece in the unfolding of the Divine Plan.

His deep comprehension of the life sciences of quantum physics, wave-genetics, epic-genetics, astrobiology and quantum biology, create the much-needed bridge between spiritual principle and scientific revelation. This innerstanding combined with the deep comprehension of the inter-relationship between higher and lower dimensions allow him to clearly and succinctly share the full picture of the totality of what is occurring to our species and planet. This unique combination allows for deep oratory transmissions that make him a sought-after speaker at online events and live experiences.

The Architect Christof’s mission and life work are dedicated to the spiritual sovereignty and evolution of our planet and species. He helps activate world service contracts by creating high spiritual initiations that align and accelerate people into the full totality of their world potential. He builds the morphogenetic fields and new Earth grid templates for our planet’s evolving consciousness and ascension pathway to the higher dimensions, and supports beings and organisations that are bringing through the next evolution of teaching, technology, systems and support for a unified collective consciousness.

Christof is a loving husband and dedicated father of two. He is passionate about family, and the formulating of a conscious community as being the face and agent of change for our planet. He is passionate about the evolution of our children’s consciousness, and the way parents and communities can influence and shape their children’s lives and future generations, through living in alignment with spiritual principle and divine law.

His shared intention behind the Innerversity of Divine Perfection was to create a safe container for individuals to join a community of hearts and minds, who can support each other while integrating spiritual truth and understanding into their personal, family, working and business life. So that together we transform our community and our planet.